Hunter Demo EP

by Hunter

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released 23 December 2013



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Hunter New York, New York

Twenty, male, self-taught everything for three or four years. Studying engineering. I write music to explain things to myself.

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Track Name: Unabridged
Money from your mother
There will always be ugly on the reverse
If I get another cold shoulder
I'm fucking you up, hey
I'm fucking you up

Everyone is innocent
Now that we're on death row
We're all angels when we're painted
In our pretty little pictures
And somehow, we're all gonna fly to heaven
With our spoils
Track Name: The Red Pill
Hide your shit
I've discovered your scheme
You hire half the population to kill the other half
Impressive, impulsive
You're in a group of people who always think you're right
You represent your ability to give good head
You're trained to create problems, then damage control mode

Women and men
Women and men
Women and men
Sex and power

Single-bite eclair, this isn't fair
Complacency my ass, meow meow meow
Suck my privilege
Track Name: Masu Masu
Masu masu
Masu masu
There might be something I want out of you
Prying your dense tome
Sleeping on hard stone
Why don't you assholes just leave me alone

Sometimes you don't try
Goddamn you won't cry
I can't help but despise undoing my ties for you

Masu masu
Masu masu
Here is my fruit that I want you to chew
Track Name: Red String
The red string of fate, also referred to as the red thread of destiny, red thread of fate, and other variants, is an East Asian belief originating from Chinese legend and is also used in Japanese legend. According to this myth, the gods tie an invisible red string around the ankles of men and women who are destined to be soul mates and will one day marry each other. Often, in Japanese culture, it is thought to be tied around the little finger.

The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of time, place or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. This myth is similar to the Western concept of soulmates or a twin flame.
Track Name: Semesterly
This semester I'm doing mostly errands for the group
Surfing channels, I've got nothing better to do
I can't believe that it's come to this

I can't see anything
Track Name: Gasping (Die)
Picking flowers at the end of some long life
Crushing microcosm, forcing understanding
Won't take no for answer, please god please..
You have to do
This is what you get when you (die)